3 Ways to Keep Your Teeth White While Enjoying Coffee

Flashing a smile brightens everyone’s day, except if it’s a coffee smile. Yes, your favorite mug of Joe is likely to stain your teeth over time and damage your precious enamel. While there are a lot of health benefits we associate with coffee, teeth staining is not one of them. Your intensive oral care routine may be jeopardized by your addiction to coffee.

So, are there ways to keep your teeth gleaming while still enjoying the cup of coffee you’ve always had? Here are some suggestions to save you from teeth discoloration caused by chugging down your latte.

  • Use a Straw. If you plan to buy your next cup of coffee anytime soon, be sure to snatch a straw from the counter. Using a straw will significantly decrease direct contact of your coffee to your teeth. You may also use the little stirrer for hot beverages. Sure, this may make you look a little weird, but sipping your coffee with a straw will minimize the stains and prolong your enamel’s shine.
  • Add milky stuff. To lessen the effects of coffee stain, you may also add milk– dairy or non-dairy. Studies show that milk protein can remove the particle which leaves residue, thus, prevents the coffee from staining your teeth. With your richer, creamier, and non-staining coffee drink, you may now chug on your favorite cup more often.
  • Have water after coffee sips. Drinking water in between few sips allows your mouth to wash away the teeth staining particles before it destroys your enamel. Water is good for your oral hygiene and keeping a bottle of water you can snag anytime will keep the coffee from setting in your teeth. You may sip some water and coffee alternately; that way, your coffee will even last longer.

Follow these tips and continue to enjoy your favorite mug of coffee while you brighten everyone’s day with your gleaming smile.

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