Address Your Bleeding Gums

It’s no secret that it’s a little scary when you see some bleed when you’re brushing your teeth. Many patients will stop brushing immediately because they think they’re causing harm to their teeth and gums. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. When your gums are bleeding, this means that your gums are trying to tell you something! With your dental care in Connecticut, we want to explain the reasons why your gums can be bleeding and what to do about it.

The biggest reason that your gums are suffering could be that your oral hygiene isn’t as good as it should be. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is necessary in order to keep a healthy smile. If you’re not doing this, then you’re allowing food particles, bacteria, sugar and the like to stick around for much longer than necessary and harm your teeth. These harmful leftovers can quickly but surely turn into cavities and cause bleeding if it’s not addressed.

The lack of a clean diet also contributes to harmful treatment towards your gums. On top of ignoring your daily oral hygiene, consuming foods and drinks that are particularly sugary or acidic are constantly hurting your teeth. Without brushing your teeth, you’re not giving your teeth any sort of relief from the constant attacks of bacteria and sugar.

Bad habits like smoking cigarettes are extremely dangerous to your oral health, as well as your overall health. As a smoker, you’re at a much higher risk for gum disease than other non-smokers. If you constantly smoke cigarettes, you’re never allowing your teeth and gums any sort of relief. The tobacco from the cigarettes is seeping into your gums and your bloodstream. This can cause blood clots, connecting issues with the rest of your body and its blood flow.

If you’re experiencing bleeding gums and you’re not sure why, contact your dental care in Connecticut by calling (203) 252-2000 or click here to book an appointment or consultation today.

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