How Alcohol Can Affect Your Teeth

Since summer is fast approaching, this means that there are going to be more parties, barbeques, and get-togethers just for the fun of it. A lot of these events usually include alcohol, whether it’s a quick 6-pack of your favorite beer or an array of fruity, tasty, cocktails. But all of these wear down your teeth with each sip. Your Dental Care Connecticut location discusses what alcohol does to your oral health.

In chemistry, alcohol is used as a drying agent, so it does the same thing for your mouth when you consume alcoholic beverages. In addition to reducing the amount of saliva that you produce, it adds extra acidity to your mouth, which weakens the tooth enamel. Unfortunately, that Mai Thai is giving you more sugar than your mouth can handle.

One of the best things you can do is brush your teeth about 20 to 30 minutes after consuming your last drink. Waiting for that long gives your saliva time to re-mineralize on the enamel that was just softened from the acidity and sugar.

If you don’t drink in moderation, then no amount of brushing, flossing and scrubbing will make any dramatic changes to your dental health. Many dentists can detect alcohol abuse far faster than most doctors just by looking at your gums and teeth! Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause multiple oral problems like cavities, gum disease, gum deterioration and recession, and eventually tooth loss.

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