Bad Habits and Dental Care

Let’s face it: everybody has that one bad habit that they feel is impossible to kick. There are hundreds of different habits that people feel like they’ve been doing for as long as they can remember, but many of them are more harmful than one may imagine. Most bad habits are related to the mouth, whether it’s biting, chewing, sipping or grinding, and they’re also pretty harmful to your dental care. To protect your teeth from any further damage, your dental care Connecticut location, Pearl Dental, points out the harmful habits to avoid.

Chewing Ice
While this may seem harmless because ice is just frozen water, it’s actually extremely damaging. Ice is a solid object and not very easy to break with your teeth, no matter how hard you try. This is why people crunch away on ice—sometimes it’s just something to do to keep them occupied, or have an oral fixation on it. Whatever the reason may be, ice is too tough to crunch on and can cause chips, breaks, and other dental problems related to your tooth enamel. The freezing temperature of the ice doesn’t help, either; it’s just too cold for your teeth to handle!

Teeth as Tools
This is just as damaging as ice, if not worse! No matter what you’re using your teeth for, whether it’s to open a bag of chips, twist a cap off of a bottle, or to loosen a knot, your teeth aren’t made for that kind of pressure. While it may not seem like a big deal, you’re forcing your teeth to complete a task that they aren’t made for. All of these actions weaken your tooth and can cause a chip, a break, or fracture. There are easier, safer ways to complete any task if you use the proper tool.

Aggressive Brushing
This may not be as much of a habit as it is simply your technique. Unfortunately, this is pretty harmful to your teeth. They’re sensitive and are only made to handle so much, so when you’re quickly brushing back and forth and pushing the bristles roughly against your gums and teeth, then you’re not only ruining your brush, but causing harm to yourself. Aggressive brushing can easily irritate your gums and make it difficult for you enjoy certain foods and drinks for a certain amount of time. There’s a reason that you’re supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes—not only to cover all of the spots necessary, but to be gentle and scrub your teeth in circular motions to protect them. If you brush your teeth at a fast pace for only 30 seconds, you’re not allowing your toothpaste to work properly, all while causing pain to yourself. Take it easy!

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