Choosing Summer Snacks

Summer is here! This means going to the beach during the day, barbeques in the afternoon, and bonfires at night. While we all want to soak up as much summer sun as we can before the fall, there are some precautions that need to be taken, and one of them is watching what you eat to protect your teeth. People are more likely to snack during the warm weather since they’re fun to make, they’re quick and easy to grab, and you can take them on the go. Your Stamford dentist at Pearl Cares want you to know the best snacks to eat this summer that will treat your teeth well.

Any mixture of fruits will do just fine! They’re easy to prep with simply washing and cutting (if needed), and there’s nothing artificial added that will harm your teeth! Plus, there are fun ways to prepare fruits, like putting together a tray or putting them on kebob sticks. One thing that you’ll need to watch out for is the staining that certain fruits can cause, like blueberries and raspberries. Their colors are strong and can leave a lingering color on your teeth.

Fresh Veggie Chips
Instead of buying a large bag of salty, greasy potato chips, explore into making your own veggie chips! Kale chips are becoming more and more popular and they’re quick and easy to make. Simply mix the kale together with a little olive oil and salt and pop those in the oven and you’ll have a quick snack! Other crisp veggies like zucchini can be baked as well, after cutting them into slices and coating them with a sprinkle of cheese.

Rich in calcium, cheese speeds up the pH process as you’re saliva is trying to remineralize and protect your tooth enamel. This is why cheese is usually paired with wine because the acidity of wine breaks down your enamel and cheese helps stabilize and even rebuild it. Small cheese cubes are easy to make and buy, and they’re especially handy for kids who are always on the run during the summer.

If you’re wondering about more beneficial summer snacks that won’t damage your teeth, don’t hesitate contacting your Stamford dentist by calling this number (203) 252-2000 or booking an appointment today.

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