Foods That Benefit Your Teeth

As the best dentists in Stamford, we are not only interested in helping treat your teeth when you are in our office, but also want you to benefit your whole mouth with positive decisions in your everyday life too. As our dental health blog will show, diet always plays a huge role in the quality of the health of the mouth, and today we have gathered information on 5 foods that really help your smile amazingly.

The first and often overlooked choice is water. Water helps both stimulate and simulate saliva which acts as our mouth’s natural mouthwash. Saliva assists in taking away the leftover particles other pieces of our diet leave behind and also helps counteract enamel eating acids, protecting the teeth longer. Choosing water over a sugary soda is never a bad dietary choice to make either.

Fruits, such as strawberries and oranges both have amazing vitamin and nutrients contents that help strengthen and protect the gums. The vitamin C found in both of these fruits help build collagen and connective tissue, essential in the jaw and gums strength and development over time. Not to mention, the tiny seeds in strawberries can also act as natural little polishers on the teeth, reducing stains. They of course also contain some acid content, so it is not recommended that you’re “overdo” it or ignore brushing after larger consumptions.

Wild salmon and other fatty fish help provide the mouth and gums with Vitamin D and other nutrients that provide strength and protection just as the fruits do. This helps prevent the teeth and gums not only defy disease, but also makes the ingestion of other helpful nutrients easier for the gums and teeth to take in.

Lastly, milk surely does do a body good. Not only does milk help neutralize the pH level of some more acidic options after you have them, but it delivers a big boost of calcium- essential in building bone and teeth strength. The low and nonfat varieties are of course preferred over the heavier whole milk options for arterial reasons, but all can help gain these essential nutrients.

By maintaining a healthy diet, including many of these foods and drinks- alongside regularly scheduled visits to the best dentist in Stamford, you can maintain a smile you will truly be proud of for years on end.

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