Mouth Health

All of the systems of our bodies are interconnected in some way or another. Sometimes you can stub your toe and end up with a migraine headache, other times you can go without flossing your teeth and end up with a case of heart troubles.

The latter of these issues is something your Stamford dentist works to prevent and yes, is a real occurrence. Ties between oral health and the workings of the rest of the body are being discovered more and more by researchers and doctors alike these days, which illustrates the importance of our work more than ever before.

While trying to gather a list of all the ways oral and whole body health interact, your Stamford dentist stumbled upon an invaluable resource that they wished to pass on to you today.

With that said, you can CLICK HERE to view a WebMD provided slideshow covering around a dozen of the most common oral health issues that can end up involving the entire body.

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