Mouthwash Tips

Including flossing, one of the most popularly ignored daily dental routine uses is mouthwash. Many patients who have mouthwash only use it for a quick refreshing breath if they’ve forgotten to brush their teeth. While it’s a good temporary substitute, it’s not a permanent one for brushing your teeth and should be done alongside your oral hygiene routine. Learn more from your dental care in Connecticut about mouthwashes below.

Knowing about different brands of mouthwashes and what they can do for you is important in the picking process. There are two different kinds of mouthwashes—cosmetic and therapeutic. Cosmetic mouthwashes are mostly used to temporarily get rid of bad mouth, ridding of any loose food particles in your teeth, and lessen a number of bacteria that’s in your mouth. Therapeutic mouthwashes have certain ingredients that work to fight against bacteria so you have lesser chances of getting a cavity or other plaque-related issues.

Something to be wary about when it comes to certain mouthwashes is the ingredients. While most of the ingredients are working to fight against bacteria, bad breath, cavities and the like, there is one ingredient in particular that can harm your oral health and that’s alcohol. Many mouthwashes have a large amount of alcohol that can cause dry mouth and other irritations. If you’re using a mouthwash that contains alcohol and have been feeling discomfort after each use, highly consider switching to another mouthwash that may be recommended by your dentist.

But remember this—do not replace your brushing regimen for mouthwash! This will not protect your teeth the proper way that brushing your teeth does. It doesn’t last all day and doesn’t have the same effect that toothpaste has. Mouthwash works with your oral hygiene regimens like brushing and flossing, only making improvements, but it doesn’t work as a substitute.

If you’re interested in seeing results from the right mouthwash for you, contact your dental care in Connecticut for suggestions by calling this number (203) 252-2000 or booking an appointment here today!

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