Nutrition Tips for Your Child’s Dental Health

We all know that a well-balanced diet is a key factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that it also greatly affects our dental health? A child’s susceptibility to dental complications like tooth decay often has to do with the food he or she takes. Carbohydrates and processed sugar, for example, are the main source of acid-releasing bacteria that attacks the tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay.

In this article, we have compiled some nutrition tips that will make your child less prone to dental complications.

* Avoid snacks that are rich in carbohydrates and offer healthier options such as fruits and vegetables. Melons, cucumbers, celery and pears are packed with more nutrition and higher concentrations of water.

* Avoid foods that are chewy and can easily stick to your teeth. Should your child really need to satisfy his or her craving for chewy and sticky food, have them brush their teeth thoroughly as soon as they’re done eating, as this could cause plaque and increase the chances of tooth decay.

* Offer cheese as a snack or with lunch to increase the flow of saliva, making it easier to wash tiny food particles away from your child’s teeth. Aged cheeses work wonders in this area.

* Serve foods that are rich in calcium to keep teeth healthy and strong. Calcium-rich foods include yogurt, broccoli, and milk.

* Serve sweets for dessert, rather than as snacks. Children will always crave for sugar-sweet treats, and it’s no fun if you deprive them of their cravings. However, it is best if you serve it to them as desserts following a regular meal since saliva flows better around mealtime. This makes it easier to wash food particles away.

* Discourage frequent snacking. Experts believe that well-balanced meals taken a few times in a day are better than frequent minimal feedings, especially when it comes to snacks. The pacing of food intake is an important factor in maintaining oral health. It is also necessary to have the kids brush their teeth after every meal.

By following these essential nutrition tips, you can breathe a little easier, knowing that your child’s dental health is well-taken care of. Call your Stamford dentist to schedule an appointment or consultation for you and your family today by reaching us at (203) 252-2000.

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