Proper Flossing

While it is most likely linked directly to the fact flossing is often seen as an “overlooked” or “more difficult” task than flossing…only about fifty percent of the patients of your Stamford dentist claim to floss on a daily basis. It goes without saying, flossing is just as important as brushing daily, and if not committed to- could result in serious dental distress.

But a lack of flossing does not only result in oral health issues such as decay, infection, gum disease or structural damage…it can even result in whole-body-health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, lung problems and more. Doctors and researchers alike are finding more correlations between the bacteria that build up from a lack of flossing and the status of your health daily, so the importance can’t be avoided.

So to avoid these types of issues, just stick a piece of floss between your teeth for minutes a day and wah-lah, right? Not exactly.

There are some proper flossing techniques to be aware of, which we have provided for you today at the following link: Click Here for ADA Approved Flossing Guidelines.

If you have any questions about your technique, timing, or how flossing impacts your oral health- be sure to ask your Stamford dentist at your next appointment. You can schedule that appointment by calling our office today at (203) 252-2000.

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