Pros and Cons of Crunchy Foods

Overtime, you will notice how a large amount of the dental blogs from your top providers of dental care in Connecticut deal with food. It is no secret that your diet plays a huge role in oral health, and that is an issue we will be covering again today.

What we will be looking at that is different, however, is instead of a particular food group or ingredient can be beneficial or negative to your health, we will be looking at a characteristic.

The characteristic we chose that has both some dental do-gooders and those that can do harm under its umbrella? Crunchy foods.

As far as the foods that are good for you and give a great “crunch” when you bite in? Highly fibrous vegetables, such as celery and broccoli are on top of the list. These items have high water content that helps produce saliva in the mouth. Saliva works in washing away any stuck or lingering particles between the teeth, essential to good breath and less decay.

These very same items help in developing jaw strength since they are a little difficult to chew, and can naturally scrub away surface stains on the teeth. Similar options, such as some nuts and seeds, can also supply the mouth with essential vitamins and minerals that help boost immunity.

What about a “crunch” as a dental hazard? Items such as popcorn kernels can crack the teeth if bitten down upon too hard. Other snack items like chips or pretzels may also be yummy and crunchy, but have harmful ingredients. A great deal of these contain high levels of corn starch and other contents that break down into sugars, which too much of can lead to tooth decay and disease.

The power of the crunch is an important one to recognize. Although the variety of foods that can deliver that signature smash is vast, so can be the implications. Just make sure you are on the right side of the bite next time you head for the fridge.

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