Sensitive Teeth Solutions

You just took a sip of your coffee, now your mouth is aching out of control- what gives? It turns out you are probably suffering from teeth sensitivity.

This sensitivity issue is said to impact at least half of the world’s population at some point, in one form or another. And because this issue is so common, today your Stamford dentist wanted to address some of the usual causes, results and treatments for tooth sensitivity, all for your benefit!

As a great number of our weekly dental blogs will reveal, a patient’s diet can play into the health of their teeth tremendously over time.

Most instances of teeth sensitivity end up resulting from the chronic usage of sugary and acidic foods or drinks that lead to enamel erosion. Without the enamel protecting the teeth, these ingredients can go on to disintegrate the main structure of the tooth- resulting in microscopic holes that can travel to the center.

At the core of every tooth lies a nerve, which, just like all of your other nerves, helps you feel sensations. It is with the conjunction of these microscopic holes and substances that may be particularly hot, cold, sweet, or sour (to name a few) that your tooth can be in some serious pain. Nerves are not supposed to be directly touched in the body, so if they are, pain signals can be sent to the brain indicating this atypical interaction.

What about cures to teeth sensitivity? There are so many toothpaste options, gels and more marketed out there- can they really help?

Well, unfortunately, a majority of these products will only temporarily relieve your pain. Most will accomplish this by including some sort of oral numbing agent in the ingredient list, which of course, will not be a permanent fix.

There are some solutions available to teeth sensitivity available from your Stamford dentist that may be a little bit more lasting than aspirin or a toothpaste. To discuss these options and to find out more about your teeth sensitivity- call our office today at (203) 252-2000.

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