Storing and Maintaining Your Toothbrush

Your toothbrush is one of, if not the most important tool used in the upkeep of your oral health. By brushing twice and flossing once daily, you can make sure you keep any dental detriments at bay or just generally eliminate them. Couple that with regular visits to your top providers of dental care in Connecticut at Pearl Dental and you can have all bases covered.

Besides the act of brushing, making sure your brush is in tip-top shape whenever it is called upon is an extremely important consideration. Today we have provided some top-tips for taking care of and storing your brush properly.

When it comes to keeping your brush clean every time it is needed, much of it comes down to motion and movement. By moving your finger through the head of the brush and washing it off with hot water, you can be removing any lingering bacteria or particles still in the bristles. Follow this step before brushing, and after your regimen is complete, prior to storage being considered.

Placing your brush in your holder may seem like one of the least complex issues in your day, but implications of poor choices can be felt greatly in your mouth. Make sure to store your brush upright in a holder that allows the head to air dry naturally. Do not place any little helmets or items over the bristles or head at all. Make sure the head is not making contact with any other surfaces or brushes so that cross or re-contamination is not an issue. Lastly, make sure to wipe off the white “gunk” that can accumulate on the side or bottom of the holder over time- for this residue can hold bacteria that can fester and be unhealthy as well.

While taking care of your brush is certainly essential, utilizing it daily and properly is the even bigger consideration to make.

For proper toothbrush usage or more questions about brush health, please contact your top providers of dental care in Connecticut today by calling our office at (203) 252-2000.

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