The Dental Glossary

Sometimes nothing can be worse than not knowing what someone is talking about. That is why patient education is so essential to your Stamford dentist. We want to make sure every single patient we treat has a great idea of what treatment options we are performing and why, as well as everything else they can be doing to maintain and improve upon their oral health.

Unfortunately, sometimes we may get too comfortable. More complex or technical dental “jargon” may come out in conversations with patients…it happens. We spent the years studying and practicing dentistry so WE can deal with the “prophylaxis” and “edentulous” – not you.

In the event we do use one of these terms that you are unfamiliar with, please know it is not done purposely to make you feel uncomfortable or left out. We even fully support you saying something and questioning it right to us. Your Stamford dentist knows everyone learns and comprehends in different ways, and that goes for dental lingo as well.

Still, we know that some patients may not take us up on this or they would rather learn more at their own pace at home, and that is fine! To help you catch up with some oral health terms and concepts, we have provided the following online Dental Glossary for you to view here: Click Here for More.

At the end of the day, whether or not you know your “temporomandibular” from your “occlusal surface”- regularly scheduled appointments with your Stamford dentist at Pearl Dental are essential. Call our Stamford office today to schedule yours at (203) 252-2000.

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