Tooth Aching Rumors

There is no denying that a toothache can be a pain to deal with. And while you can typically take an aspirin or two at home to help temporarily relieve these symptoms, you may ultimately want to make an appointment with your top provider of dental care in Connecticut at Pearl Dental to assess the situation.

In relation to a toothache, in today’s blog, we will be examining a common rumor surrounding tooth pain care that we wish to dispel.

We have heard from some of our patients that a friend of a friend of a friend relieved their tooth pain by crushing an aspirin on, or placing it next to a tooth that was aching. We could not warn against this practice enough.

Aspirin, by its very nature, is an acidic compound. It is most effective in relieving pain when absorbed into the bloodstream, which sure, can be done by the soft tissue of the mouth. The issue is- aspirin has a safety coating on them that is typically melted away by the time you start digesting it.

By having the safety coating dissolve in the mouth instead, you can unleash the acidic power of the tablet on your gums and tongue. This often can result in chemical burns of these tissues, leaving you in more pain for a longer amount of time than just your initial toothache brought on.

To reiterate- if having a toothache, try an aspirin at home before you give us a call. If the pain persists, your top provider of dental care in Connecticut can help assess and treat the true root of your pain.

For more information on this topic or to schedule an appointment with Pearl Dental, please call us today at (203) 252-2000 (Stamford, CT) or (914) 244-3900 (Mount Kisco, NY).

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