Treat Your Brush Right

When it comes to your toothbrush, many patients don’t think too in depth on how to properly take care of them because they don’t think about what could possibly go wrong. But putting a lot of thought and care into your toothbrush is necessary in order to protect your teeth on a daily basis. Your best dentists in Stamford are here to tell patients how to clean and store their toothbrush so you have the cleanest smile possible!

The most important step is to remember to brush your teeth! In the morning and at night, brushing your teeth for at least two minutes is what’s going to properly clean your smile. And make sure to include flossing in that routine, as well! If you’re not brushing and flossing every day, you’re allowing food particles and bacteria to linger and cause infections and possibly bleeding.

After you’ve brushed, store your toothbrush in a dry, open space. Putting your toothbrush in a closed, tight space won’t allow the bristles to naturally dry on their own. Many patients think that putting a cover over their toothbrush will protect them from bacteria, but this can actually cause mold to grow on your bristles if you trap the water on the inside! Although you may not notice any changes, this build-up can still make you sick.

Speaking of getting sick, it’s important to know that your toothbrush is your own, so keep it that way! Even if you’re sure that your family and friends aren’t sick, you’re still mixing your bacteria with theirs, which can get you both sick. Your bacteria is your own, made to work with your body, not with someone else’s.

When it comes time to replace your toothbrush, it’s highly recommended to use a new one after at least three to four months. When your bristles begin to fray is an obvious sign, but that can take a notable amount of time. Over this three to four month period, your toothbrush isn’t giving you the properly cleaning that it used to in the past! If you start to see this wear and tear early, replace your brush as soon as possible!

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