How to treat double teeth in kids?

Double teeth are dental conditions where the teeth of a child are connected to each other. It may be caused by gemination or fusion. Gemination happens when a single tooth is divided into two while fusion occurs when two separate teeth connect with each other. Parents should bring their child to a pediatric dentist to monitor and treat this dental condition.

Effects of Double Teeth

Double teeth can cause space to develop between the teeth of a child. It may also result to crowding in the teeth or cause the eruption of the permanent teeth to be delayed. This makes it essential for a pediatric dentist to monitor the double teeth and makes the necessary measures to treat them.

Treatment of Double Teeth

Before performing any corrective action, the pediatric dentist will have to check if the double teeth are primary teeth. If they are primary teeth, they may come out on their own. But if they do not come out, it will be necessary to extract them.

Shaving and Smoothing Down
Shaving and smoothing down the teeth is another option dentists can use. This treatment is mainly used to make the double teeth inconspicuous. But this procedure cannot be performed if the pulp is very close to the surface.

Cutting the Tooth into Two
There may be instances when a pediatric dentist will perform surgery to cut a fused tooth into two. This is a good procedure to use if the fused teeth have separate pulp chambers and roots. It will also be necessary for root canals to be performed on both teeth.

While double teeth do not have any direct effect on the health of children, parents should still have them monitored by a dentist to ensure their kids get the proper dental care they deserve. This is to prevent any issue that may emerge in the future. Surgical procedures may not also be necessary since the double teeth will eventually fall on their own once the permanent teeth erupt.

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