Why We Smile

Your Stamford dentist knows never to underestimate the power of a smile. In-fact, it’s one of the reasons we help patients achieve their best smile ever on a daily basis. Not many things can be better for us not only cosmetically, but even internally, than smiling. Today, from the social signals to the internal chemicals- we will be discussing “why we smile” with you!

Of course one of the first things someone notices and most of the reasons patients seek our more cosmetic oriented treatments is because smiling looks great. You give off a radiance of confidence, pride, high self-esteem and even desirability by genuinely smiling.

Whether you are trying to land a date with that certain someone across the room, or trying to land a job and display your competence- a smile goes a long way. From a physical stand point that may benefit both of these examples, smiling makes you look younger…on average about five years younger. The muscles utilized while smiling give the face a natural lift, so you can fight off any signs of aging just by being happy.

When it comes to the sheer joy correlated to a real smile, your insides benefit as well. Every time you smile you release hormones and endorphins into your system that help lessen stress, reduce pain and can naturally improve your mood. Smiling even allows for your immune system to become more relaxed, so that if a health threat comes to the body, your immunity is up and system can act faster. This allows for you to naturally fight off health problems easier and quicker overall.

Last, but not least- we will close with a bit of a cliché: smiling is contagious. We know, we know…but it is true! Studies have proven that for every person you smile at, about 50% of them will smile back at you or go on to smile at someone else. You can take pride and enjoyment in knowing that not only are you benefiting from the above “upsides” to smiling, but you can be passing it on to others actively too!

To get your smile at its best for sharing, call your Stamford dentist today at (203) 252-2000.

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