World No Tobacco Day

Yearly about 6 million people lose their lives due to tobacco related products and health issues they can bring on. The best dentists in Stamford at Pearl Dental see patients daily who smoke, and the overall detriment it can have on their oral health.

While cigarettes will be the most “popular” or well-known product, issues can stem from cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and more- and should all be considered a hazard to your oral health.

To help put this issue even further on the map and assist those in need of quitting, the World Health Organization (WHO) has named May 31st, 2016 as “World No Tobacco Day.” This is supposed to be a day in which people can stop smoking or become educated more on why that is one of the healthiest decisions they can make.

In keeping with that, today Pearl Dental wanted to do our part and let patients know more about how tobacco can directly impact your oral health in particular. Smoking of any of the aforementioned products can lead to:

  • Bad breath
  • Yellowing or darkening of the teeth
  • Plaque and tartar building up easier
  • Salivary glands inflaming
  • Tooth loss, gum disease, and bone loss become more prevalent
  • Healing time after oral surgery delaying
  • Dental implant placement failing
  • Risks of oral and related cancers increasing.

We know it is not easy to quit…we do. But please, consider taking a look at the WHO’s website this May 31st or any day you are struggling to put down that tobacco.

More information on how smoking impacts your oral health, or to have the best dentists in Stamford treat you for any damage tobacco may have done to your smile- please call our Stamford office today at (203) 252-2000.

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